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Winter: Planning Ahead for Battling Barber Pole Worm in Small Ruminants and Camelids

Did you battle intestinal parasites with the goats, sheep, or camelids on your farm this year? We only tend to think about parasites in the warm season when the diarrhea is plentiful, the eyelids are pale, the hair coat looks terrible, the weight withers away, or the appetite diminishes. Winter is one of our very […]

Copper Oxide Wire Particles for Deworming

Managing internal parasites in sheep and goats requires a multi-faceted approach.  Good pasture management practices, feeding an appropriate diet, using certain forages such as sericea in your pasture, preventing overstocking of animals on the pasture, and using appropriate dewormers to combat drug resistance are all tools we have to combat the issue. Another tool that you […]

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